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Simulación del plegamiento de una proteína pequeña

Simulación del plegamiento de una proteína pequeña
Posted on : 19 diciembre, 2014
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Proteins, made of chains of amino acids, carry out most cell functions, once folded into the proper structure. The movie starts with the final crystal structure of the villin protein (colors blue, white, red show different sequences in the protein), and then depicts how villin folds into its final structure over six microseconds. Related article: Common Structural Transitions in Explicit-Solvent Simulations of Villin Headpiece Folding. Peter L. Freddolino and Klaus Schulten. Biophysical Journal, Volume 97, Issue 8, 2338-2347, 21 October 2009. See this site for more information: Note: the above movie was on YouTube at the location below, but was uploaded again with the goal of improving the visual quality of the video. The original version is here:

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